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Hush Hush Little Lamb

Hush Hush Little Lamb

The selected double page spreads were created as part of a Contemporary Illustration module and a brief set by tutors at The University Of Lincoln. A short story was presented, about a woman with the evil intention of eating a child. The tale was taken from an old German folk story, with the finished outcome to fulfil brief to incorporate well positioned text and imagery suitable for children.
As the story itself was full of quite dark and grotesque subject matter, a more adult approach was taken for an older audience. Although adult, the double page spreads try to retain an aesthetically appealing look, with mixed media used and the character of a woman to become a sheep, with the title; Hush Hush Little Lamb also forming a slight play on words not far from the well known film Silence of the Lambs that a more adult audience would grasp. Precise pencil drawings and layered shading make up the imagery as a contrast to the collaged backgrounds and more loose ink drawings of the houses.