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International Compost Awareness Week

International Compost Awareness Week

I originally designed this piece to enter the International Compost Awareness Week poster competition. The brief asked for an illustration that depicts the "benefits of recycling organic residuals" so I chose to show a cross section of the earth with the compost penetrating into the soil. This reveals how composting has many unseen advantages, such as maintaining healthy soil and helping new plants to grow. I illustrated a wintry scene as compost can be a positive material for both plants and the animals all year round. After submitting the poster I decided to experiment using the image alone, without the text. I enjoy using collage and mixed media in my work and I felt that this brief suited me as I was enable to apply playful and enjoyable imagery to a subject that is not often viewed this way. Creating a rich, textural image that would appeal to both children and adults has been extremely rewarding.