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Mexican Goddesses

Mexican Goddesses

Following a summer project based around the theme of travel, I set myself a follow-on project that would involve making illustrations for a Mexican restaurant. Part of this project was to make illustrations that would work as wall art for a Mexican restaurant. After researching Mexican culture and traditions, I soon saw potential for creating something different within the context of Mexican myths and Gods/Goddesses. Therefore, I have painted a series of characters based around the three main goddesses in Mexican Mythology, which are Coatlicue (Goddess of Earth), Tlazolteotl (Aztec Goddess of Filth) and Cihuacoatl (Goddess of Motherhood). I incorporated other iconic elements of Mexican culture into the imagery, such as sugar skulls and the sunstone, while trying to remain true to the research relating to how they looked. I also tried to make them as colourful as possible so they would stand out from a distance but still work within a traditional Mexican colour scheme.