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The Moving 60's

The Moving 60's

I have produced a book depicting the 1960's a favourite decade of mine. Big art movements, big cultural movements and general a shape shifting decade that had it's up's and downs but I feel it has strongly influenced what we are visually aware of nowadays. I don't think one single image can depict the 60's, unless it was a collage of many images, however, I've chosen 3 that I feel we as a worldwide society look strongly back on an and can really some true/raw inspiration. It was hard to choose and some people's opinions may differ but the 3 that I personally feel that depict the decade truly, is;
1) The assassination of president Kennedy (Political)
I researched in the Portsmouth Norrish Library and found they had old paper dated from the 60's. Conveniently there were useful snippets I could extract which would then feature in my illustration. Also, I was looking at the combination of facial features between JFK and Harvey Lee Oswald.
2) The Moon Landing (Technology)
I used screen printing, found papers and fine liners to create this illustration. The tare in flag is to represent the television that many people across the globe would have witnessed the landing.
3) The Cultural Events (Peace Movement, Love, Nudity, WoodStock, Beatles etc)
Pure watercolour and fine liners, looking at the light psychedelic patterning and the pop culture.
Hope you approve!