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Ocean Sea

Ocean Sea

This tryptich illustrates three important characters of the novel Ocean Sea by Alessandro Barrico. The illustrations are related to what they are doing in the story, but their style and techniques aim more at recreating moods and emotional states rather than action and words. I have included direct citations in the waves, which for me were key to understanding the personages. They are not ordinary, good or bad characters, they are chaotic, nostlagic, confused, with incredible life stories and weird habbits. The painter in the second illustration tries to paint the sea, and to measure where it begins and where it ends..
It is a book in which the sea appears as a setting, but also as a metaphor. The language in which it is written is very poetic. This helps the reader feel very close emotionally to the characters, to be a part of their world, even though we are given only an instant of their lives.