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Pattern Books

Pattern Books

This project focuses on the idea of
pattern, detail and time.

Inspired by level of meticulous detail within 19th century illustration; my aim was to create something that was completely handmade, time consuming and detailed. Coupled with learning a new process - screen printing. I created a run of 15 double sided a2 posters which fold down to become an a5 books/pamphlets. The final outcomes are a result of many tests; I experimented with different papers, patterns, layouts and colours until I found a formula I was happy with.
The final outcomes themselves are a representation of my experimentation with the process of screen printing. I learnt that even with a lot of planning, screen printing is a process which doesn’t always go to plan, yet its the mistakes and unintentional details which make it so
Interesting and addictive.
I created a sticker to enclose each book. The reader must remove the sticker in order to open the whole poster. Once removed, there is designated space for the sticker to reside on the poster. The pattern on the sticker is the pattern which I draw quite a lot when doodling; a fitting way to introduce the rest of the book and patterns.
Each book is individual. They differ in layout, folding and colour. Each book is folded differently in order for, what I believe to be, the most interesting pattern on the front. From this people can pick their favourites.Each pattern creates numerous interpretations. Two people may look at the same pattern, yet the patterns have the ability to evoke completely unique thoughts and reminders.