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My image is one the first images for my futuristic crime thriller comic, the image represents the starting point for my main characters quest for justice, after his family and village is killed in an act of genocide. He escapes his captors, going to a futuristic nineteen sixty's styled London, where he becomes a bounty hunter searching for one of the last leaders of the genocide, meanwhile trying to catch the manufactures and distributors of a new illegal street drug.

My main inspiration for the image and for my story's beginning was from the beginning scenes of the 2009 film Valhalla Rising by Nicholas Winding Refn. A secondary source of inspiration was the first battle scene in the 2003 film The Last Samurai, which takes place in a foggy forest, which I have tried to incorporate elements of, into my image.

The next two images are pages from the next chapter of the comic, where the main character is trying to arrest a man for assault, the colour scheme was inspired by the BBC drama series The Hour.