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The work I have submitted shows the beginnings of a children's book I am working on for my final year at University.
The purpose of the story is to evoke empathy towards vulnerable people such as the homeless. The main character is a young boy called snug, whose house flew away. The story follows him through his journey to find his lost house, bumping into some friendly (and not so friendly) characters on the way. The theme of homelessness will be be ambiguous in the story, as it is for children and I still want the imagery to be fun and surreal.

The first image is a double spread of Snug enjoying the roof of a friends house and shows how I intend to create the final artwork. The other two images are etchings that I made about homelessness, which then went on to inspire the story of Snug. I am really interested in print and am currently working on combining these methodologies to find a consistant way of working that works for story telling.