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The Strangest Place

The Strangest Place

For a self initiated project I chose to write and illustrate a children's book. I wanted to produce a book that would encourage children to explore their surroundings and use their own imaginations rather than depending on computer games and t.v. and social networks. The book developed from a visit to Dungeness and its unusual atmosphere.The windy bleak beach overshadowed by a Neucleur Powerstation has a variety of unusual objects: a rubber house, two lighthouses, a round house, dilapidated wooden boats, boat yard ephemera and its very own type of crab. Using these surroundings I developed a series of adventures, bringing them together by a chase to retrieve the boys hat.

Pleased to have his hat back after a bounce on the rubber house
the boy tries to retrieve his hat from the electric cable swith the longest of l
As the rain pours dorn refuge is taken in the lighthouse