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The Tiger's Bride

The Tiger's Bride

As part of our 'Portfolio Development' module, we were set a brief to illustrate Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber' - a collection of stories, from which I chose 'The Tiger's Bride'. The story describes a young girl who is lost to a 'great masked Beast' in a game of cards, after her Father offers her up having lost everything else belonging to him in the game. The girl is imprisoned by the beast, and she is demanded to reveal her body to him. After refusing, she is forced to see the Beast reveal himself to her. To her surprise, underneath his mask is merely a great tiger. The girl experiences a connection with the tiger, and feels sympathy for his need to wear the disguise. She feels liberated from her previous role in society as a composed young woman, and proceeds to reveal her body to the tiger willingly. This is an Illustration I produced for this last part of the story, when she realises she and the beast are not unalike. I have created the image with Scraperboard.

The Tiger's Bride, The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter