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university project

university project

I have uploaded three pictures of my current university illustration project. These images are part of a story from Gabriel García Marquez: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. I had to create a front book cover and four inside images. Here, I uploaded the first three inside illustrations.
The story takes place probably in Mexico. It is about a very old man with huge wings, who lands in a Mexican couple's courtyard just by the sea. The couple has problems with the crabs, who keep coming into the house and now they have that very old man as a problem in their life as well. They think he is an angel because of his wings and because of that, hundreds of people come around to see the angel and they are happy to pay fees to see him too, but he doesn't seem to have any supernatural features. The people try to make him move, so they poke him with branding iron, which makes him cry. At the same time, a circus comes into town with a woman, who turned into a spider because of obeying her parents. The crowd loose their interest in the very old man, because they can't get to know anything about him, meanwhile the spider woman speaks about herself, and it is more interesting for the people. The time goes on, the couple has built a mansion, but they kept out the crabs and the angel, these were a disturbing problem for them. But one day the very old man flies away and this disturbing magical thing leaves them forever.

Crabs are walking out from the sea.
Very Old Man in tears after getting poked by a branding iron.
Spider woman cries about her destiny.