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The very old man with enormous wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The very old man with enormous wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

For this brief we were given 10 short stories and we had to choose one of them and do a front cover and four inside illustration.
I choose The very old man with enormous wings byGabriel Garcia Marquez. The story is full of religious symbolism and magical realism. For my illustrations I choose to do portraits of the main characters, I also wanted to give a distressed look to the images. I have created these images using dry point, I distressed the plates before printing to give an added feeling of age to the images. In the story The Old Man is put into a chicken coop as the townspeople do not know what to do with him so over each image is an overlay of chicken wire. This is to indicate the old man caged looking out at his captors he stares directly at the viewer. The image is cropped so the wings are barely visible this is to draw the viewer into the image to engage with him directly into his eyes. The priest looks up to the heavens for help and guidance, in the story the townspeople expect the old man to work miracles and cure them in some way. For the woman with the spiders body i show her with her eyes cast downwards to indicate her sorrow at the way her life has turned out.
I kept to a limited colour palette keeping all the images printed in a blue/black colour with a yellow ochre overlay for the old man as he spends his time in the mud of the coop and is more of the earth than the skies. For the priest a cardinal red for his robes and for the spider woman a red ochre to indicate faded glory. I have given a heavy and threatening sky in all the images to indicate that it has rained for 3 days and nights and the story is quite dark.

the very old man
The priest
spider woman