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Watership Down

Watership Down

I wanted my rendition of Watership Down to be a grassroots alternative to the gritty images of the 1978 film adaptation, especially whilst keeping in mind that the novel started off as a bedtime story for Richard Adam's two daughters. With many parents perception of the novel altered by the often gory film, I wanted to create images to make the text more accessible to a younger audience. Adams has said that any political reading of the novel was not intended.
Frith, the God of rabbit folklore blessed El-ahrairah, the rabbit trickster, and his people with the gift to run, dig, warn and hear, so I placed emphasis on their hind legs, tails and ears. I also adapted each of the main characters ears to suit and assist in their identification individually as well as which of the three warrens they originate from.
The novel conveys the struggles and complications of life as a small animal in the wild with an honesty I felt was undeserving of any attempt at dramatisation. I have produced, clean, simple characters that reflect Adam's straightforwardness with his storytelling. The colours are bright and vivid to heighten the senses of the reader, bringing them into the instinctive world of animals.