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The woman who wanted to eat a child

The woman who wanted to eat a child

Selected pages for a children's story book created by our tutors as part of our 3rd year story telling unit.
We had to produce a set of illustrations to accompany the text, but approach them in our own unique ways.
The story follows and evil woman who has done many rotten and evil things in her life, but has never dared to eat a child.
The story progresses as she goes through towns and villages sizing up the children, trying to find one most suitable for consumption.
When she finally gives in, she returns home only to find the perfect specimen...and eats him.
Only after fully digesting him, she realises she had made a grave error, she had eaten her own son.

My love of character design led me down several paths but the evil woman always had a frog like look about her so I settled with the idea of using anthropomorphic animals and insects to make my work a bit different. Using textures and digital artwork is always fun, but can be challenging at times.

For this submission I have provided two stand alone pages and one double page spread. The other two layouts can be found on my blog if you are interested.