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Map My Heart

Map My Heart

'How to spend a night being a self-pitying wreck: Get on FB and stalk your ex, then spend 20 minutes refreshing the page whilst sobbing into your second tub of half-eaten cookie dough ice cream because you've realised that no one (literally no one) has commented on your status update. Totes drama...This book is about relationships, it's about how people meet, fall in love, break up, wallow and then pull themselves together again for round number 2. It will make you laugh and think, pour out your innermost thoughts and doodle away your angst, scrawl swear words and rip out its pages. In short, this book will be your best friend when your heart is being battered and bashed on the rollercoaster of love'

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Written and Illustrated by Dom&Ink, published by Huck & Pucker