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Surtsey the Cat

Surtsey the Cat

In the main illustration Surtsey falls of his master the fisherman's boat into the raging sea-storm. This illustration is from my book called 'Surtsey the Cat' published September 2013. It is painted by hand with Designers Gouache and has a border which is traditionally found on all the Russian fairytales. The exquisite patterning and interacting detail showing movement of the fall in moving water has a Japanese style to it. This is Hilary Roper's second book she has both written and illustrated. The illustrated set from her first book called 'Macfaddion's Finest Hour' was recommended by Prince Charles to go on exhibition with the National Trust for ten years, which it did, at Sudbury Hall Derbyshire. Hilary is particularly known for her fine illustrative fine art using the finest of sable brushes and is particularly interested in the interweaving of pattern, vivid colour interaction and detail. She draws exquisite compositions and they are often composite yet realistic yet stylized. This painting is animated and frightening as all fairytales have one frightening element. It also displays afinely controlled freedom of usage of kaleidoscopic colour interwoven with intricate pattern and playful composition.