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What happens when you’re bored, you’ve finished all your books, and you’re hanging around in the biggest and best hotel in London, the Savoy Hotel? Follow Zubert and his new magic friends the spinglefranks as they find out! Buffalos in the lobby...monkeys in the octopus in the swimming pool...and an elephant in the kitchen! And if this wasn’t enough, they have to hide all the animals from the hotel inspectors. Can they help the hotel to stay open so the animals can keep their home?

'GIANT NET!' Whooped the Spinglefranks, and because they were slightly magic, a giant net appeared.
'OH ME!' gasped Zubert. 'OH MY!' cried Frank. 'OH NO!' shouted the rest of the Spinglefranks, 'What can we do?'
Lost and Found at the Savoy Hotel