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Global logistics

Global logistics

Commission for Wall Street Journal for an article on Turkish ports and global logistics.

The focus of the article is on Turkey’s great location, 'between East and West, North and South, convenient to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia and Africa’. So the central image is of a map of Turkey with a compass on top of this map, and the compass focusing in on the Turkish flag. This compass points out to the letters N, S, E, W in the border. Within this border are also flags of these key regions i.e. suggesting that Turkey is in the centre of all of these countries. The border is put together in a decorative way, to echo the patterns of the iconic Turkish rugs.

In the 4 sections around the map are key images relating to ports and logistics: a container boat, a crane, a plane and a container lorry. On the boat and lorry the cargo is depicted as flags, to indicate global logistics.