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Open The Front Door

Open The Front Door

Double page spread plus pull-out detail images for Focus On The Family magazine. The article covers the topic of teenagers on the threshold of leaving home. Whilst their parents may be nervous about their children's first steps towards independence, the teenagers themselves have a positive and optimistic view of the world.
To illustrate the theme, I pot rayed the family itself all in white and the exciting world beyond the front door as colourful, vibrant and exciting. A supportive neighbour leans on the traditional white picket fence that lines the garden path - bursting with flowers and butterflies - that leads to a world of possibilities beyond.

Famil at Front door looking at exciting world of possibilities beyond the threshold. Paradise. Paper sculpture. Gail Armstong
Neighbour looking over white picket fence alone garden path with flowers and butterflies. Gail Armstong paper sculpture paper craft