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12 Things Smoking Poster

12 Things Smoking Poster

I was given a brief to create an A3 poster aimed at boys between the age of 16 to 21 to encourage them not to smoke. The poster had to include 12 reasons not to smoke and would be displayed in schools and other similar places. The words '12 things to do instead of smoking cigarettes' had to be included in the piece.

Thinking of the age group and sex of the audience one thing that would be heavily on their mind at this stage of their life would be girls. I played on the fact that a lot of girls don't like to kiss a smoker due to the bad taste, so instead of smoking boys could be kissing 12 different girls. I tried to include various styles of girls lips to reach out to all types of boy. This piece has proved entertaining as people can pick the number of their favourite lips.

I created this poster using acrylic paints.

12 Things Smoking Poster