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'Eden' is an illustration for a University project, and also a submission for the 'Tapirulan Illustrators contest 2014'. The brief was to illustrate 'Eden' - It was my choice whether to illustrate it is a place of peace or harmony. My illustration represents an alternative universe where the energy and life within nature is visible as bright ultra-violet lights (seen on the tree's and plants). In this world, people are more respectful of their surroundings, due to the visible beauty of nature. This type of energy already exists in today's nature, but most people aren't as aware, therefore aren't as respectful to their surroundings. In my 'Eden' people are aware of this energy, therefore they are happy in their world, as they truly see it as a paradise. This illustration came from the idea that in our world, paradise is all around us, it is just a matter of perspective; if we can appreciate the energy and elegance within something as ordinary as a plant or a tree, then we can appreciate many more positive things in life.

Eden - Mathew Dawson