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Harry the hedgehogs hibernation

Harry the hedgehogs hibernation

My aim was to create a visual learning device for children to help them understand hibernation. By using both fact and fiction I could make the characters more relatable to the children by behavior or dress but I could also portray real environments. The illustrations are meant to communicate to 5-8 year old children. The potential market would be teachers and parents, with the hope that they would be reading it out to their children.

The 3 images are part of a 4 image collection. Each illustration is a poster based around the annual hibernation cycle of a naughty hedgehog called Harry. The four posters show the four seasons and what an animal does in each season whether it is preparing fro hibernation, sleeping, or waking up for the summer. Except, each image is illustrating a fictional poem about Harry, whether it is him getting into trouble, being naughty or being tired etc.

The illustrations are mixed media, using collage of painted paper and patterned paper, watercolour, inks and fineliner pens.