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Head Entry

Head Entry

This piece is in response to a piece of music produced by an artist that is currently unreleased. (All illustrations will be used as promotional material and artwork when the record is released). With the music being very unnerving and dark, I wanted to draw on personal experiences to portray this feeling. Something that I like to include in my work is juxtapositions. With this in mind I try to make characters appear whimsical, yet haunting. However these characters are not necessarily personified characters, more a representation of different human emotions. A sense of tension and restriction which is portrayed within the arms, contrasts with freedom in the way they appear to be moving. The stigmata on the hands are also a reference to freedom, juxtaposing with the idea of objectification and suppression. The use of a lot of black, contrasts with the white, along with the light hearted names, these are all in reference to the juxtapositions contained within the pieces.