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Illustrations for story Lessons written by Suzanne Kamata

Illustrations for story Lessons written by Suzanne Kamata

The story Lessons is written by Suzanne Kamata, published on an american children’s magazine called Cicada. The main idea of the story Lessons is letting people realizes that apart from our success in career, there are other important things such as friendship and love. The standard to evaluate if someone’s life is success can not only depends on how much glory they get in society but how much happiness they got during their lives.
Nightingale is appear several times in the story: 1.Mrs Mitoshi showed the class a record of a nightingale singing in the early morning; 2. At the end of the story, the workaholic teacher, Simoni, is waked up by a nightingale sonata. In the story, there is a big contract in value between students and teacher. One takes English class as a chance to gather together and have fun, while the other one only takes it as a very serious lesson.
Nightingale is a romantic bird. I use nightingale to represent my characters not only because it’s symbolizing romantic poets, nature and love, but also want people to consider if we only have one-night-life what is the most important thing in our lives. Glory? Or happiness?

Although all of the students are from different backgrounds, they treat every week class as an opportunity to communicate and enjoy life.
Simoni treats teaching english as the only important thing, while she didn't realize the little change in her hands, bring by her students.