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Lily and Scamp's Big Adventure

Lily and Scamp's Big Adventure

This was a brief that I was given on my degree course to create pages to a children's book based on the concept of journey's, and here are three of those pages. I used pen and ink to draw out the pages and then used Photoshop to colour them digitally. I wanted to make a story based on some characters that children would love and that they could follow through many different adventures. I decided to make my pages very colourful and fantasy as children adore both of these things in picture books. I asked many people I know what their children thought of the story and they loved it. Lily and Scamp are two best friends who love going on wonderful journeys and adventures together who end up in this magical place called Candy Land, where they meet all kinds of new and wonderful friends. I will continue to work with these characters that I have created in other stories for children to enjoy as this is Lily ans Scamp's first adventure of many to come.