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The Nose

The Nose


The text chosen for this project Nikolai Gogol’s The Nose has been the inspiration for many adaptations, most famously, Dmitry Shostakovich’s 1930 Opera of the same name. You are asked to create a visual adaptation of all or part of the short story, The Nose by Nikolai Gogol. You must read and familiarise yourself with the text. Research the story, it’s author, it’s context, when it was written, where it was published, original reactions to the story, contemporary interpretations of the story. You must use this research to develop your own interpretation and reading of the text from which you can develop your own personal response. Your finished outcome can take any visual form and can be conceived to live alongside the text or exist as a stand-alone piece. Whatever your choice, you must use your imagination and push yourself to create something inspiring and original.

the police officer
the nose