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One Night

One Night

One Night is the tale of a girl living in isolation in a large Victorian manor house in the countryside. She's imprisoned, believing the house to be a living entity, filled with phantoms that oppress her both physically and mentally - but are these beings and her perceived prison real, or a product of her psyche?

One dark, solitary night, with the ever-present phantoms lurking outside the door of the attic room she's barricaded herself in, something strange occurs; A mysterious, inexplicable glow from beneath the floorboards leads her to discover the key to an old chest that sits in the middle of the room. The chest is revealed to be housing a supernatural secret when, upon unlocking, a quadruplet of magical, luminous greyhounds burst forth and shower her with affection. It's clear that these ghostly canine friends have been waiting for their freedom alongside her all along, impatient now to leave. With her enigmatic new protectors at her side and lighting the way, she finds the courage to emerge from the attic and escape into the dawn to 'begin again'.

Mixed media oil pastel / coloured pencil illustrations, printed and bound into a picture book. Created for a university project exploring book binding and narrative - including the pacing and sequencing of illustrations alongside text to form a completed book, in a format of our own choosing.