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Part of a project I did about phobias.

In the project itself I was aiming to explore the idea of fear as a connection between the self and the other.
The society we live in today is interested in exploring others’ fears for numerous reasons. Fear is used by many as a tool for social control, power, domination and self-reassurance. Moreover, it is difficult to imagine that a world completely without fear would be particularly interesting place to live in. Therefore, I designed a puzzle game which could be considered a social experiment, because it explores the idea of sharing our fear instead of keeping it a secret. Thus, it corresponds to the concept of trust and rises questions related to how people relate to each other within the culture of fear. The idea behind the game is that through creating different fearful images the player is taking part in a fictional universe which recreates experiences close to a psychotherapy session. The images submitted here are example illustrations showcasing the images which could be created using the kit. More information and images from the first edition of the kit which was entirely collage based could be found here . The submitted illustrations are part of the second edition I am working on currently which would be based entirely on digital drawings.

Phobia, detail
apotemnophobia, phobia
Genophobia, phobia