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Tumbling World

Tumbling World

These are 2 pieces from my work of illustrating the novel 'Brave New World' of Aldous Huxley. The novel illustrates how in the future society, people are born in test tubes and are decided which social class they will be put in, what kind of life they will live, and how they will die. People do not know true feelings and have strict social standards.

My illustration 'Tumbling World' shows how the decided-before-birth world of the heroine Lenina is breaking and tumbling due to her first experience of true love. The test tube represents her society and its values, while the crack gives a hint that it is falling apart within her. The eye is the eye of the society, while Lenina is curled up due to the fear from this whole experience.

Also, my other work titled 'What comes first?' is a piece which criticizes the words a character Henry said about how even the most worthless are worthy for they go back to the grounds when they are dead to become crops. I felt his quote was ironic for people are very dependent on drugs that influence emotion, and they do not feel happiness from delicious food anyways. I illustrated drug pills growing out of a human figure, and this can literally show "growing from a body" while also representing "vicious cycle of the society".

Tumbling World
What comes first?