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Unmask the Smiles

Unmask the Smiles

I did this project about the necessity of mundane work in modern life. Originally I was looking at robots and alternatives to the current system, however I became more interested in the bored people who were doing these jobs, and why. How after evolving so far as a species are people still having to sit behind checkouts, minds being numbed and driven crazy by the constant beeps of money changing hands? Why when there are alternatives, are people still forced to do mundane jobs, is there actually a part of us that needs it? The Images I have entered are my favourite works to come from the project, the final piece I showed for the project took the form of an animation, "Evolution" which can be found at:

Why must I wear the Mask? it is clearly translucent.
Its all handshakes and smiles round here, you'll love it!
The long, hard road trodden too work. What I went through to be a part of the wonderful world of retail.