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Variations- serious and not really...

Variations- serious and not really...

It is not really 'once upon a time' story, neither bonfire story to be told.
Hear it not, speak it not, see it not. But people are people and all what is around makes story to be told. Some people should realize truth what hides behind mask You are wearing. Reveal murderer, mentally ill person inside of You.
I do like telling stories, make them, write them, but I do like illustrate my stories, and it is so important they play together so well.
I would not want my stories to be told in illustrations by other people. So I have to do double trouble - story telling in two different medias but so close to each other.
Research on sexual pathologies, daily experience - either it is bad news, or someone's fart heard, smelled standing in Sainsburys queue.
But fish would like to take what it deserves as well- beauty sleep, so Fridays can party like an animal.
Fish? Is it an animal?

three wise, portraits, story of this big fat fart
fish, lights of, bed time