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Brodie Lyon

Author: Brodie Lyon (Annual Fund and Appeals Manager)
Fundraising for the The Château de Juvisy by Pierre-Denis Martin (1663 - 1742) is still on going, but we’re one step closer to securing its place in our collection.For the past few months the painting has been on display at the Palace of Versailles as part of the André Le Nôtre in Perspectives 1613 – 2013 exhibition, which celebrated the work of one of France’s most noted...
Author: Brodie Lyon (Annual Fund and Appeals Manager)
The V&A is working with the National Funding scheme to help launch DONATE, a digital platform that aims to increase giving to the arts. At the moment we’re one of just 11 organisations involved, and they span a number of different types; from huge, national galleries to small, touring theatre companies, it’s about supporting the arts at all levels, up and down the country. Here...