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Cathrin Yarnell

Author: Cathrin Yarnell (Cataloguer - Word and Image Department)
The start of Crufts at the end of this week seemed like the perfect excuse to search the Prints, Drawings, and Paintings collection for a selection of works featuring the nation’s most popular pet. Sadly, I couldn’t find any images of dogs playing flyball or competing in heelwork to music (doggy dancing, that is), but I’m pleased to say that there is a wealth of artwork...
Author: Cathrin Yarnell (Cataloguer - Word and Image Department)
Bookplates, also called ex libris, have been pasted to the inside front covers of books since the advent of the printing press in the mid-fifteenth century. Though they were also used in public libraries, I find these small printed works most interesting when they are used by individuals to assert ownership over their prized works of literature. The Prints, Drawings and Paintings Collection holds...
Author: Cathrin Yarnell (Volunteer Word and Image)
Johann Jacob Schübler, born in Nuremberg in 1689, had an extremely varied career as an architect, draughtsman, mathematician, painter, and sculptor.[1] The son of a braid and tassel maker, his prodigious talents were first recognised during his early childhood. In 1696, fire destroyed the Egidienkirche, a Romanesque cathedral in Nuremberg. Aged only seven, Schübler was then reported to have...