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Ella Ravilious

Author: Ella Ravilious (Curator of Documentation and Digitisation)
The Natural History Museum, our neighbours across the road, have opened their Sensational Butterflies exhibition - an outdoor attraction packed with live butterflies. As I sit here at my desk, I see the NHM flag flying above the roof, fluttering in a brisk wind, and it struck me that we have our own sensational butterflies here, too, captured in drawings and paintings and prints. They may not be...
Author: Ella Ravilious (Curator of Documentation & Digitisation)
Not everything in the Prints, Drawings and Paintings collection is printed, drawn, or painted. This post showcases a few of the exceptions to the rule. One of the most popular alternative image-making techniques was cut-paper work. In the eighteenth century, cut-paper pictures were called “shades”, or “profiles” if they were portraits. Although neither term has endured in...
Author: Ella Ravilious (Curator of Documentation and Digitisation)
Print by unknown artist27879:8Today being the day of the Grand National, I thought I'd like to show you this little series of early engravings of horses. We don't know who created them or quite when they were made (though we think it was around 1600) but to me the artist has given them a certain life and charm.Print by unknown artist27879:19As anyone who has tried will know, horses are...
Author: Ella Ravilious (Curator of Documentation & Digitisation)
One of the real privileges of working at a place like the Victoria and Albert Museum is being able to see behind the scenes and come across fascinating things by chance.We’ve been seeing such wonders over the last five years on the Factory project, so I and the rest of the team am delighted to be able to start sharing them with you more directly as we find them.If your curiosity is piqued...