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Jemma Davey

Author: Jemma Davey (Exhibitions Assistant)
Every ensemble in a V&A fashion exhibition is carefully mounted by our team of in house Textile Conservators and expert Costume Mounters. The V&A mainly uses stockman/dress figures or fibre glass mannequins to display its fashion collections. Stockman figures are what you might picture when thinking of a dressmaker, a torso form covered with material and displayed on a pole and base....
Author: Jemma Davey (Exhibitions Assistant)
With the thrill of Christmas presents now a distant memory, it was with some additional excitement that we received this delivery from Dolce and Gabbana.The Italian designers have kindly donated an ensemble from their Ready to Wear Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, a bejewelled tunic dress, crown and golden shoes. The V&A sometimes acquires objects for its permanent collection when preparing for...
Author: Jemma Davey (Exhibitions Assistant)
Museums like to shop too! These classic Italian driving moccasins arrived into the museum last week in this immaculate packaging. The V&A purchased the vibrant pair online, and like any other shopper we took our time selecting the most appealing shade and size. For many people the classic driving moccasin is synonymous with the Italian maker, Tods. The distinctive rubber soles are called...