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Kati Price

Author: Kati Price (Head of Digital Media)
As the old conference quip goes, it's often easier to meet up with your peers half way round the globe than in your hometown. Museums and the Web 2014 was no exception. This was my first outing at the conference and, as well as getting to meet some of my peers and counterparts from London's museums, I was also introduced to an equally brilliant bunch of colleagues from across the globe (...
Author: Kati Price (Head of Digital Media)
If you tried to view our website this week there’s a good chance you’d have encountered a big, fat nothing. For 24 hours our website was down. We were victim to the world’s largest ever denial of service attack (DDoS).It reminded me that one of the most interesting things that can happen to a museum is forced closure. Some of the best stuff occurs when museum doors are closed....
Author: Kati Price (Head of Digital Media)
Barely a day goes by without me mentioning the C word. Content, that is. The dirty word of digital. But according to Matt Locke, founder of Storythings, if you’re using the word content, you’ve failed already. Great.His point is that when it comes to digital culture we shouldn’t think about content. Instead we should focus on stories. He’s right of course. And what better...