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Keith Hale

Author: Keith Hale (Content Editor - Digital Media)
I've left it incredibly late yet again, but this Christmas I won't be charging like a lunatic up the aisles with a sweaty, panicked look on my face. I won't stand defeated in front of empty shelves where the vegetables used to be, trying to think of an appropriate alternative. And I won't be placing my items in the bagging area. That's because this year I've decided not to...
Author: Keith Hale (Content Editor)
The Manchester United and former Wales footballer turns 40 today. The most decorated player in English football history made his first league start back in May 1991 and is the only player to have appeared and scored in all 21 Premier League campaigns so far.And here he is making another appearance, this time in our collections, on a roll of wallpaper alongside his teammates from the 1995/96...
Author: Keith Hale (Content Editor - Digital Media)
By Keith Hale, Content Editor, Digital Media Day 2 - 22 March 2013 'Its all about outstanding content', Darren Childs, CEO, UKTV Darren Childs opened the day highlighting how UKTV has become the fastest growing TV company in the UK: through innovation, changing company culture to attract the best talent, and investing in quality content. Audience viewing figures continue to rise as do on...