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Marisa Smith

Author: Marisa Smith (Programme Manager)
Recent visitors to the V&A will have noticed that the museum is for sale. A 25 metre hoarding strectching across the Cromwell Road wing of the building offers a ‘New residential development at prime cultural heritage location.’ And those interested in viewing the property can call the ‘Crown Property Investment Group’ via their hotline, which appears on the hoarding....
Author: Marisa Smith (Programme Manager Workshops and Events)
This February, the V&A invited Intoart to develop workshops at the museum, designed to open up the collections to adults with learning disabilities. These 10 sessions were planned and delivered by Intoart co-founder Sam Jones and artist Mawuena Kattah, who used these workshops to share her research and art making skills. © Victoria and Albert Museum, LondonPlanning sessions, which...
Author: Marisa Smith (Programme Manager)
To complement the major exhibition Hollywood Costumes, the V&A worked with Synergy Theatre Project to deliver on-site costume design classes for ex prisoners. These 4 sessions were designed to give an insight into the role of the costume designer, with particular focus upon the collaborative nature of this profession. We were delighted to welcome costume designer Jane Petrie (credits include...
Author: Marisa Smith (Programme Manager)
On the last Friday of the London Design Festival, we welcomed the Bookbinders Collective, a group of professional bookbinders working at the top of their craft to produce exciting and innovative contemporary bookbindings, book arts and artists' books. Over 300 people dropped in to meet the group for an inspiring day of workshops and demonstrations and to view a display of their current work....