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Sarah Grant

Author: Sarah Grant (Curator of Engraved Ornaments)
Gombrich observed that ‘every picture owes more to other pictures painted before than it owes to nature’[1]. Designers and artists have often looked to the past for inspiration and ornament prints from all periods can be an unparalleled resource in this exercise. Last year, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini held an exhibition that included contemporary decorative objects created from...
Author: Sarah Grant (Curator of Engraved Ornament)
You may have noticed some of the press recently making the rounds for the sale of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels (among other parts of her collection). Looking at the lots on offer one wonders how such a petite woman ever managed to move around so enormous are the carat weights of some of the stones.One of my favourite galleries at the V&A is the William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery...
Author: Sarah Grant (Curator of Engraved Ornament)
Ornament is decoration or embellishment. It is any additional detail added to an object, interior or architectural structure which serves no other purpose than to make it more interesting, arresting or beautiful to us.Take this Sèvres soup plate for instance. The richly painted and gilded decoration adds absolutely nothing to the function of the plate, but the effect is certainly more interesting...