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Sue Lawty

Author: Sue Lawty
Notebook entries:Monday 11 July 2005 10.30am. High on top of Petit Vignmale in French Pyrenees. Exposed drops to right and high on left above glacier. Clear sun, cool breeze. Rock, hard and folded - thrust upwards. Startling red layers abutting grey. Earth's massive movement evident. Vanita, who knows about rocks - properly - scientifically, talks of huge mushroom magma chambers, of...
Author: Sue Lawty
I want to talk about many aspects of the work....... probably in no particular order....... to provide a context for the thinking that (I hope) is going to take place over the next few months. But where to start...A thought: It occurs to me that in this world of bright young beings there has to be some pay off for getting older and I think it is this:- That you learn to know one or two things. (...
Author: Sue Lawty
I always think that absolutely the hardest thing about weaving a tapestry is the starting - the very first row. And so it is thus with this web log. At this begining stage the warp is virgin, the canvas blank. It's a scary and most precarious moment in the creative process. In the studio I like to be free to work intuitively - feeling my way inch by inch - making decisions based on what has...