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Victoria West

Author: Victoria West (Archivist)
“5th JuneInterview with Mr Richards and Mr Fussell long discussion with them about the room in which the collection should be placed opposed Mr Fussell's plan of placing in the back or work room, saw other members of the committee - and it was finally settled that the collection should be exhibited in the Library or first room on entering the building and that the cases should be...
Author: Victoria West (Archivist)
While looking through an accession of records deposited by the National Art Library in the V&A Archive I came across a diary written by a member of staff who was sent to Nottingham with a travelling exhibition in 1865. In it the writer records his time in Nottingham, including the routine tasks of writing object labels and ordering the printing of exhibition leaflets to dealing with the...
Author: Victoria West (Archivist)
With Christmas fast approaching we thought we’d take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and also show off some festive finds from the V&A Archives!On a trip to Paris in the 1830s the confectioner Tom Smith conceived the idea of manufacturing bonbons with lucky mottoes. In 1847 he further developed this concept by placing the sweet and motto...
Author: Victoria West (Archivist)
While looking through our photographic guard books to answer an enquiry about something completely different, I discovered some fascinating nineteenth century photographs of Indian street scenes and architecture. These evocative images have stayed with me so I thought that I would find out a little bit more about them.The photographs were sent to the Museum by architect and archaeologist Sir...