(Another) new model from Vazio S/A

We don’t start on-site construction for Vazio S/A’s ‘Spiral Booths’ structure until the week after next, but I just wanted to share with you some photographs of a model which Carlos Teixeira and his team have recently created. The model is especially useful as it gives a better sense of the varying levels of transparency throughout the facades of the building (ranging from solid MDF walls to semi-translucent steel mesh screens and transparent acrylic windows).

The model also gives us a good idea of how we might want to light the structure, both from the inside and from outside – something that is particularly handy for the theatre and dance companies who are currently devising new pieces of work to be performed in the structure as open workshops/rehearsals during the first six weeks of the exhibition. The intention is that the performances will be experienced by visitors who are inside the structure and also by those standing in the wider area of the Porter Gallery, outside – and so lighting will be key to ensuring that the performances are visible to those outside the structure.

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