Construction on Sou Fujimoto’s Inside/Outside Tree begins

This photograph captures the moment the very first acrylic sheet was lifted into position to begin construction on Sou Fujimoto’s Inside/Outside Tree. The MDM Props team (the contractors responsible for building the Inside/Outside Tree) have spent the last few weeks assembling the structure off-site at their workshops in south London, and this week marks the start of construction on-site here at the V&A, on the Architecture Gallery landing.

This photo, above, shows members of the team meticulously assembling one of the numerous branch elements which make up the tree form.

The structure consists of an extremely complicated arrangement of polygons, strapped together using cable ties – a challenge both in terms of building process and in terms of structural engineering, and so having maquettes and sketch models close at hand during the build period has been invaluable for the construction team.

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