Filling up the tower of books

I was working quite late in the office tonight, and as I was leaving I decided to pass by Rintala Eggertsson’s ‘Ark’ book tower, as I knew that they were working late into the evening too. I stumbled across the wonderful sight of seeing hundreds and hundreds of books being loaded onto the many shelves of the tower.

I couldn’t resist and had to grab my phone (apologies for the poor quality) and capture some photos and footage of this important moment! It was lovely witnessing this stage of the construction process in the deadly silence of the V&A after hours…

Here, below, is one of the original 3-D visualisations that the Rintala Eggertsson team sent us back in January, showing the arrangement of the internal shelves which are set around the reading chambers located at the centre of each level of the book tower:

…and here is a glimpse of how the shelves and the books appear now, on-site at the V&A:

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