Lighting up the Woodshed

Pictured above is Danny Wicke, an instructor from Rural Studio, who has come over to the UK this week from Alabama to install the Woodshed’s light vine. This photograph is probably one of my favourite images of the exhibition so far, and comes courtesy of Laura Southall – our fantastic exhibition assistant. The internal lighting for the structure will provide a striking contrast with the ambient space of the Porter Gallery which we plan to illuminate at a very low level – so both the Rural Studio and Vazio S/A projects will appear like lanterns when visitors walk into this dimly-lit gallery space.

The Woodshed now has all 49 bents (frames) in place – approximately 7.5 metres in total ‘extruded’ length. The team from Green Oak Carpentry Co have now also installed the ramp at the far end of the shed (see image, below), and so the structure is more or less complete – and we are just waiting for Danny to weave his magic, and then we’ll be done!

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