The Rural Studio ‘Woodshed’ arrives…

Today, Green Oak Carpentry Co., the team responsible for building the Rural Studio ‘Woodshed’, arrived at the V&A – and they have already made an amazing amount of progress.

We’re really pleased with the charring effect that the Green Oak team have achieved on the timber – a process of traditional burning, finished with a layer of shellac. The original wood grain stands out beautifully.

The structure consists of a number of ‘bents’, or frames, which are being assembled on-site in the Porter Gallery, with each element hammered into position.

Once a bent is assembled, it is then hoisted upright, and then carefully manouvered into alignment with the other bents. The structure, a mono-pitched roof shed, is essentially extendible – and could continue as an ongoing ‘tunnel’ like this for many more metres. But in this case, we have decided to stop the ‘growth’ at approx. 7 and a half metres!

Here is some footage showing one of the bents being moved into position:

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