Studio Mumbai off-site construction completed

Very exciting…Studio Mumbai have just finished off-site construction on their ‘Inbetween Architecture’ project for the V&A Cast Courts. Here are some photographs of how the structure looks, sitting in their workshop yard in Mumbai.

It’s especially nice to see the quality of light (particularly the warmth) as the high noon sun reflects off the plaster panels whch dominate every surface of the building. Of course, we can’t expect the same light in South Kensington, where the team will re-assemble the structure – but Studio Mumbai are hoping to make the most of the generous daylight which floods the Cast Courts from the vast skylights above. The structure will not have a roof – it is essentially a series of narrow corridors, open to the sky above, and so we hope to create some interesting pockets of light and shadow in various niches within the structure. We have also been sent some great footage of the structure being built by their team of craftsmen (some of whom we hope to bring to London for the on-site construction at the V&A)…I’ve included one of the films below.

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