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Just back from my first run for over 18 months!
Tired muscles but the clearest of clear days at this time of year are a gift. High on the moors with running partner Eileen who has never given up on me.
Treading ancient tracks – stones worn by thousands of passages of human feet. Frozen ground, long glistening combs of hoar frost coating the tussocky grass. Warm sun.
Wild, empty, open – freedom.

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Physics or Philosophy

Since writing the previous blog entry – ‘Making Order’ – a friend has directed me to the opening stanza of William Blake’s poem ‘Auguries of Innocence” which to my shame I didn’t know. To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour. In searching for the exact quote on the web I was lead down surprising avenues of fractal geometry, the cosmos and the space between 0 and 1.
Fascinating stuff – which my brain is struggling to cope with – and which I …

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Making Order

I have made two installation pieces in gallery101….‘Hieroglyph’ and ‘Order’
I want to talk about the second one first. Order Around the time I was invited to display my work at the V&A, I had been tussling with the notion of making a really large stone drawing ‐ something beyond my own expectations – something that would fill your field of vision ‐ to be visually ‘inside’.
But the logistics of making such a

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Demonstration Week-end

Two very interesting days in gallery 101.
Two tables of sketchbooks, samples and work in progress.
Many visitors, sometimes 2 -3 deep at the table, sometimes a lone soul.
Always good to meet people and had many fascinating conversations.
Some stayed for the whole 3 hours – some for 5 minutes. One of the nicest moments of the two days was when I was given a spontaneous (and tight!) farewell hug from a little girl who had spent the most of the afternoon with us, talking, playi

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Long Thin Stone

I was recently given a stone of the most extraordinary proportions. It is 14 times as long as it is wide. It is 13.6 x 0.9cm It is beautiful, fine, smooth and slender with a quality of weight and shape that is suggestive of an ancient tool with which to write or for modelling clay. And yet it is perfectly natural ‐ just as the sea chucked it onto the shore. The beach it is from is a stone beach.

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Friday Night and Saturday Morning

In the big sky landscape of Northumberland 14 miles due west of Newcastle, Friday night saw the studio opening of good friend, Richard Kidd. Richard paints landscapes. Large, gestural, freely abstract canvases full of energy and movement evoking the wild rugged land of Scotland.

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