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Unwitting Collaboration

You just never know from where your next bit of inspiration will emerge… Recently I took some small – in progress – samples along to the photographic studios here to be ‘documented’.

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Weave and Web

Artists: Many of us – most of the time ‐ work alone. We follow our own self-directed paths and, trying not to get stuck in the inevitable ruts, pursue an isolated single-minded vision. More often than not the picture is fuzzy … sometimes it’s clear.

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More Tapestry

At some point in the late 70’s, I found in a second hand bookshop, a treasure:
“Tapisseries de la Jeune Egypte”.
Page after page of rich, vibrant, energetic, expressive textiles, which helped inspire in me a deep passion for tapestry weaving. A stunning exhibition at The Barbican in 1985 enabled us to savour these works first hand. And now Barbara Heller has done it again. ‘Egyptian landscapes’ at The Brunei Gallery, London WC1.

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Meanwhile back in the Studio…

The shelf crash (Dec 31st) offered up the perfect opportunity for a bit of a clear out. I had forgotten how good that can feel. So: determined not to let this motivation drown under the nuclear reactor of the ‘To Do’ list – and coupled with the need for a clean sheet and mind before embarking on a period of intense thinking – I feel full of resolve. Many of us feel compelled to do this. I think it is an essential requirement for focus ‐ a kind of ‘revving up’ to the main event.

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Forthcoming Attractions

Lots being planned at the V&A for Tapestry in first half of 2006
I’m going to try to keep this to the point! Display in Room 101 – ‘Concealed Discovered Revealed’
Has been extended for another month until Sunday 5 Feb including ‘No Mans Land’ (detail, below left).

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