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Motivation and Invigoration

As I write this, the ghost of exertion is still steaming from my back and I have barely caught my breath but I feel motivated to get my thoughts down straight away. At eight o’clock this morning biting winds and white, swirling swathes of snow fought their way across the valley, visibility was down to a few feet and we knew we were in for a cold run.

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Return to Sender

Just over an hour ago I took delivery of my work from the V&A. Just over a year ago I was frantically trying to finish it all ‐ prepare it for display ‐ pack it up… I remember the day I was due to deliver the last few pieces by car. Had planned an early start – had worked through the night. And that was the night it chose to be serious winter in Yorkshire. It snowed. It snowed a lot. All roads blocked. Desperate re-packing and a mad dash for the first train from Hebden. Dark, freezing cold blizzard… …

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Guest Posting 2

The Making of ‘Order’ installation. Working in an institution such as the V&A and more often than not with an historical collection, it is easy to forget that art objects are made by people and are the product of quite specific agendas and ideas, desires and limitations. It is therefore such a pleasure and a privilege when you get to work closely with living artists and get to discuss, deliberate and interrogate the factors that contribute to their practice.

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